Educators were among the first to appreciate the potential of PROJECT REBIRTH's films in teaching social sciences. Starting five years or so after 9/11, teachers began showing our films in history, psychology, sociology, and public health classes while also exploring their use as a research resource. PROJECT REBIRTH films have also been used in the education of doctors, nurses, and mental health specialists, providing a teaching tool unique in its ability to illustrate in first person accounts the progress and setbacks recovering from severe trauma over the course of years. 

Our films are in use in leading universities, high schools, and middle schools in communities from Harlem to suburban Los Angeles, and in educational programming in a variety of settings outside the traditional classroom environment.

With PROJECT REBIRTH's Digital Archive now housed at Georgetown Library's digital repository and managed by their team of educational technologists, it is easier than ever for educators to access both our films and a growing body of resources and material related to the films.

Every year around the anniversary of 9/11, schools across the US screen both our feature length documentary Rebirth or one or more of PROJECT REBIRTH's nine short films as a way to demonstrate the human aspect of the attacks, and to show firsthand the strength of community and the way Americans come together to support each other in times of greatest need.


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