Community Leaders

Telling the story of New York City's recovery from the 9/11 attacks from the perspective of nine individuals, and in parallel the rebirth of Ground Zero itself, the PROJECT REBIRTH Film Library is a resource for community leaders to share stories of strength and resilience in the face of mass trauma. The strength of the human spirit coping with disaster is highlighted throughout the first person accounts of nine individuals of diverse origins and unique relationships to the attacks. The world's largest time lapse film project, PROJECT REBIRTH illustrates Ground Zero's transformation from a desolate ruin to a vibrant center of reflection, rooted in a new center of commerce and culture that helps define New York.

PROJECT REBIRTH films have been shown in communities worldwide following events that devastated lives in ways similar to New Yorkers' post 9/11 experience. These include screening in:

  • Japan - following the tsunami and Fukushima incident
  • Australia - after wildfires destroyed communities in the outback 
  • Midwest, US - to survivors of devastating tornados
  • New York - in communities recovering from superstorm Sandy



Screened by professionals trained in resilience and recover responses, or simply by citizen leaders in a library or town center, PROJECT REBIRTH'S films show people gaining strength and finding joy again over the years following 9/11, fostering hope for those watching that are in the early stages of the same kind of journey. Audiences connect with PROJECT REBIRTH's film participants as journeys through grief and trauma transcend language and culture, highlight a common bond of humankind.